3BaysGSA PRO for

Buy Now From AMAZON US shr.tn Product Description 3BaysGSA PRO for At one third of an ounce, the patent pending 3BaysGSA PRO is the lightest portable golf swing analyzer which uses advance motion sensor technology to collect swing data and display it on mobile smart devices. Its plug and play technology (applied to the butt end of the grip) makes the 3BaysGSA PRO inconspicuous, free from obstruction to set up or swing, and does not affect the weight distribution of golf club. 3BaysGSA PRO provides swing arc animation and 10 valuable swing parameters complied from 10000* data points captured from your swing for immediate review on your Android Phone or Tablet via the free GSA PRO app. Golfers can then compare swing just played with their best swing or their coaches', allowing instant evaluation on their Swing Consistency. The 3BaysGSA PRO allows golfers practice in driving range or even in home's backyard, they can understand their swing motions comprehensively and hence achieve higher swing accuracy and consistency. It is also highly affordable and as accurate as any commercial grade radar. 3BaysGSA PRO is highly recommended by experienced and famous golf pros and coaches in the US and Europe. It is a great teaching aid for coaches to make golf lessons more efficient and effective. To golfers of any skill level, 3BaysGSA PRO is definitely a good training partner to improve their swings in driving range practices. To start using 3BaysGSA PRO, please download GSA PRO app <b>…</b>