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Buy Now From AMAZON US is.gd Customer Reviews: "I love the GSA. For the longest time, I have been struggling with my swing plane. When I am with my coach, he can tell me what to do. But, when I am alone, so much doubt creeps in my mind. But, with the GSA, now I can set my coach or my own swing as a reference on the App. After that, all i have to do is to see my swings as compared with the "gold" standard. Sometimes, I work on the tempo, while other time, I work on the back swing arc… I just love it. I can even practice without a golf ball in my office during lunch hours… It is just fun now…. And, I am hitting better :)" "See Penny Pulz, 2 time LPGA champion and an 18 year veteran of the tour, introduce the 3BaysGSA.Named Top 50 Teachers, LPGA 2008 and Named Top 50 Teacher of 2004 by Golf For Women magazine.[…]" "This is an amazing product. I started golfing a few months ago. This thing is so cool, so easy to use and it just gives me what I want to know about my swing." Product Description 3BaysGSA PRO for At one third of an ounce, the patent pending 3BaysGSA PRO is the lightest portable golf swing analyzer which uses advance motion sensor technology to collect swing data and display it on mobile smart devices. Its plug and play technology (applied to the butt end of the grip) makes the 3BaysGSA PRO inconspicuous, free from obstruction to set up or swing, and does not affect the weight distribution of golf club.3BaysGSA PRO provides swing arc animation and 10 <b>…</b>