Buy Now From AMAZON US is.gd Customer Reviews: "I am a 20 handicap, and I actually bought this GSA unit before I read the comments, and I decided to give the 3bays guys a more objective review. First of all, the packaging that the unit came with was astonishingly pretty, looking every bit the 199 that I paid for (as a matter of fact I might buy one for my father for Xmas). It contained a charger, a small leather pouch and also the guide. While the quickstart guide was sufficient to get me started, i found more tips on their […] facebook site too. The GSA Pro apps download was a breeze from Appstore and I don't see any confusion.I then went to the driving range, plugged in the GSA into the hole on the grip, which by the way is very smart I think, because you will hardly feel it at all, and started to swing. From the apps I was able to read off parameters such as club head speed, tempo and view my swing plane. Between the avatar showing the swing arc and the parameters, I just need to swipe between the screens.What I found most useful is that with this device, I can actually also practice in doors, and not necessarily at the driving range.Finally I have been a golfer for the past 8 – 10 years, and perhaps also due to my engineering business, I haven't practice enough. Hopefully with this device, I can now practice more often and be able to analyze my swings.In short, I actually think that this is one of the most interesting golf training aids I have purchased (the other <b>…</b>