GOGI Free Mobile Apps (www.mygogi.org)

This video provides an overview of the Game of Golf Institute (GOGI) mobile apps – Tee to Green Pro and Swing Pro. Both mobile apps are free and provide the ability to create scorecards, swing videos and photos all of which upload to your GOGI profile (www.mygogi.org). Tee to Green Pro provides golf tips and HD videos featuring PGA Teacher of the Year Todd Anderson. It also allows you download golf courses in your state and across the US (17000 courses). You can track your round and receive tour proven stats to pinpoint development areas. You can also perform a course search and receive directions. Swing Pro allows you to record your swing, analyze it using our handy drawing tools and compare your swing with your own swing or PGA Teacher of the Year Todd Anderson. You can also review tour proven practice drills in HD video as well as golf fitness exercises from golf's top fitness instructor, Randy Myers. The Game of Golf Institute (GOGI) is dedicated to helping your game thrive through free web and mobile applications. With GOGI, you will improve faster, connect with other golfers and have more fun. GOGI is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization advancing the enjoyment, popularity and growth of golf. All solutions are free and your data is safe and secure.