Golf Clubs for Ladies

How to Select Golf Clubs for Ladies

Golf Clubs for Ladies

Golf Clubs for Ladies

If you are a ladies golfer, a wide range of golf clubs for ladies are available that will allow you to perform to the best of your ability alongside the men. Indeed, there are many benefits of looking online to find the best ladies golf clubs. The internet offers a great deal of choice so that you can pick up a ladies golf club for a fraction of the cost that you might find yourself paying on the high street.
When looking for a store at which to purchase a ladies golf club, you will have several key priorities.

Golf Clubs for Ladies: How it is built for us

There are several differences between men’s golf clubs and golf clubs for ladies including weight, length, flex, golf grip size, lofts and cosmetics.

Weight – Golf Clubs for Ladies are lighter than men’s golf clubs, usually by 30 grams or more. Averages say that most women have a slower swing speed and that a lighter club will help them to increase that swing speed. Women’s driver heads are usually smaller for the same reason.

Since graphite golf club shafts are commonly lighter than steel golf club shafts, most Golf Clubs for Ladies come exclusively with graphite.

Length – Golf Clubs for Ladies are usually 1 inch or more shorter than men’s golf clubs. Averages say that most women are shorter than men and thus need shorter golf clubs.

Flex – Golf Clubs for Ladies are more flexible than men’s due to the ladies slower swing speeds.

Grip size – Averages say that most ladies have smaller hands than men, which explains why women’s golf club grips tend to be smaller around then men’s. There are also some weight issues here but the hand size is the most important difference.

Lofts – Ladies’ golf drivers and Golf Clubs for Ladies are higher lofted than men’s. Women’s golf drivers are typically 12 to 13 degrees to the men’s 9.5 – 10.5. Typically women have a more sweeping swing plane so loft is a problem, thus the higher lofted irons and woods.

Cosmetics – Nothing that would affect performance but Golf Clubs for Ladies are usually colored differently than men’s. Champagne, light blue, silver, merlot among other colors are common for ladies’s golf clubs heads, golf club shafts and golf bags.

Golf Balls
Women’s golf balls are unique in several ways. They are designed for distance at lower golf swing speeds plus feel around the greens. This is possible because women’s golf balls are made with a low compression core, typically 70 compression or less. Ladies are able to compress the ball with their slower swing speed in order to take advantage of the distance created from the compression. The softer core also makes the golf ball feel softer when chipping and putting even though the balls usually have a firmer cover.
Over the last couple of years, some men have started using women’s golf balls and noted a marked improvement in distance and feel against their normal higher compression golf ball.

If you plan to start playing golf, here are a few tips to choosing the right Golf Clubs for Ladies..