Golf tips and drills Great chipping drill read description

Chipping drill 3 different clubs to the same hole using a 7 iron, 9 iron, 58 degree wedge. You need- ideally the same type of balls you play (Titleist pro v1, Taylormade Penta etc) and some cones or tee pegs Decide on a landing spot for each club to get the ball close to the hole by taking into account the slope of the green and visualise the trajectory and roll with each club. Once you're decided on your landing spot, place some tee pegs or cones on the green to give you a visual of where to land the ball. Hit some chip shots alternating clubs and always go through your routine as you would on the course…..PRACTICE AS YOU PLAY! You may find your estimate of landing spot to be out, so alter the tee pegs or cones….doing this drill gives you great feel around the greens, learning to visual the shot by seeing the flight and roll of the ball. You will also find how much more consistent and easier it is to land the ball closer to you on the green, so taking less loft and getting the ball rolling is usually the best way to get the ball close. Thanks for watching and remember to like and Post a response if you have any questions. Let us know of any instruction or drills you would like to see posted on our YouTube or twitter feed @playgreatgolf Follow us for useful golfing tips and drills.