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Maria Palozola explains what is and what the service offers. After giving thousands of private lessons to students of all skill level, Maria wanted to find a way to reach out and help others all around the world become better golfers. was created out of Maria's desire to use her 18 years of teaching experience and 35 years of competitive playing experience to make game improvement as simple as possible for all golfers. We have compiled hundreds of instructional videos, articles, drills and tips to help you with your game. We also have created interactive free tools such as our Game Tracker, where you can track your golf scores to measure your progress and receive feedback after each round. Our Practice Planner creates a specific practice calendar for you that covers your overall game while focusing on those areas that need the most attention allowing you to record every practice session. You can also send Maria a video of your golf swing and let her analyze it and offer suggestions to help you get better. And, perhaps most important of all, Maria becomes your personal golf coach. You can interact directly with her work together to make you a better golfer! Visit and sign up now for free to start using tools and begin improving today!