Golf Tips For Beginners – How To Break 80

Click link here to purchase Golf Tips For Beginners – How To Break 80 Why You're Not Playing The Kind of Golf You COULD Be Playing… Playing a GREAT game of golf is just another skill and anyone can learn it. You weren't born knowing other skills like how to walk, how to ride a bike, or how to drive a car. These are basic skills that you LEARNED. And the truth is… the fastest way to improve your game is to copy someone who already KNOWS the secrets. Because let's face it. If someone else is playing great and consistently breaking 80… they obviously know something… and are DOING something… that you're not. By learning from them… you can skip the trial and error… and ONLY spend your time and energy on what produces fast results… dropping the rest. And this is where I come in. Over the last few years, I've taken all the secrets I used to improve ALL aspects of the golf game… from drives, to chips and pitches, to putts… and I put them into an 80-page guide. How To Shave 7 to 10 Strokes Off Your Score and Play The Kind of Golf You've Always Wanted… Starting Tomorrow! No matter what your current ability and skill level is, this book will make you better. If you can't read a green to save your life… or you can't keep your ball out of the rough or bunkers.. this guide will help you. Click link here to purchase