Learn Golf With A Book

Every golfer who loves the game usually has a few books lying about. These books may be covered with dust but are always there for reference. You can read them at home, at the office or in the bathroom. A good golf book is filled with a wealth of knowledge which you should and must have.

Naturally everyone wants to improve at golf. If you asked Jack Nicklaus this question in his glory years he would have told you the same thing. It’s a challenge that everyone has and it becomes an addiction at times to become better. With a golf book you have a huge wealth of knowledge at your disposal. The knowledge could be from former players, world-class instructors and critics. Anybody who is serious about the game wants to know as much information as possible that may help their game. There are so many golf instruction books out there and they all come in different formats that every golfer will enjoy.

A golf instruction or golf tips book is a great thing to have. I have several that I use and always will use. It is a handy thing to have and refer too when you have some spare time or have a problem with your game. These books are normally written by ex Professional golfers and well-known golf instructors. There is so much information packed into these books they really are worth their weight in gold. These books cover all aspects of golf and are highly illustrated with step by step drawings or pictures.

You do not have to read these books from start to finish. If for example you have a problem with your putting then you can flick to the putting section and find what you are looking for and digest the information. Golf books have this flexibility and are much cheaper than a lesson from a Professional. Did you know Greg Norman learned about golf from a book?

There are many things you get with a book. Generally books will list the basics of golf, history, etiquette, rules etc. This is the sort of information you should have and expect of a good golf book.

I really do suggest you get yourself a good book that you can read. I have done it for many years and it continues to improve my game. Shop around and find the right one for you and your game.

Improve Your Golf At Beginners Golf – Gareth Tait