Long Putters or Conventional Putters?

From the beginning of this year, many PGA Tour players begin to replace their golf putters with long putters. It comes with several successful cases that several tour players won the championships with long golf putter, such as Keegan Bradley, Adam Scott. Even the famous Phil Mickelson has started to use a long putter. Although he failed to get adapted to such putters soon, he still insists practice with it, hoping to make it a strong weapon for 2012.
In the 2008 European Tour Tournament Players Championship of Europe, Els once made an appeal to the Association of European R & A that long putters should be banned because he thought it was unfair to other players. That’s because it can reduce the bad influence of tensions in the game. But Els also began to use long putter this year. It is really ironic. But Els said he was so happy that it had not been banned in the game and he would continue to use it. Although Els once thought long putter as cheating tools, he does not mind to violate his principles for the seek of champions.
The basic definition of long golf putters
I’d like to give a definition to so-called long golf putter at first. It is designed to be anchored from your abdomen, chest or chin. Belly putters and long putters are all included. The length of belly putter generally varies among 38-41”, and the length of long putter generally varies among 39-43”. Of course, this is a common length standard. Some players need a customized length adjusted. So we also find some putters are in 47” or 48”.
Why People Say Using Long Putter Is Unfair
Many golf players don’t support them because they think they don’t need swing. All the 14 golf clubs need your hands well control the clubs and follow with swing. However long putters don’t need control with hands but with your chest or chin. It is not in accordance with golf swing spirits. Personally speaking, I agree with that point of view. Long putters are really easy simple to control.
European Mini Tour Took the Lead to Ban Long Putter
In September 2011, European Mini Tour firstly announced the statement that they were not allowed to use. Long putter became a controversial case many years ago, but USGA and European R & A has not made and rule modification. That’s because they think golf rules and golf equipment requirements need to be set from more broadly perspectives, instead of only considering professional games. Long or belly putters may help many golfers enjoy the golf in the game. It’s a good thing. But from the beginning of this year, more and more pro players won tour champions with long and belly putter. So it once again becomes a hot topic. Mini Tour has declared their stand. Maybe USGA and R & A’s decision would have more pressure.
Long Putters Were Preferred By Elder Players in the Past
In the past, they were selected by elder golfers like Fred Couples, Vijia Singh. However, this year, more and more young players like Adam Scott begin to use long putters. It is a trend. Scott admitted on an interview that belly putters should be disabled. Another famous player, Keegan Bradley is very good at long or belly putters. He said it was quite easy to putt, especially when you were nervous. Many young players begin to change their putters, for they are easier to adapt to long golf putters. For a player who uses conventional putter for more than 30 years, it is very difficult for him to adapt the change.

My Personal Point of Views
Personally speaking, I agree with Tom Watson. Long golf putter should be banned. Now a lot of professional players are clearly indicated using long golf putters is cheating, but it is not illegal. More and more players will start to use a long golf putter, because it is an unfair competition. It is able to add a little more chance to win.

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