Most Forgiving Callaway FT-iZ Hybrid Review

The Callaway FT-iZ Hybrid was originally made to be an alternative to the longer iron for many golfers and now it has become a standard in many golf bags from touring professional to weekend warriors.

This line hybrid is larger than past Callaway hybrids making it even more forgiving and they have also added the VFT technology for increased ball speed off the face of the club. The last major thing Callaway has done is given this hybrid an offset hosel to help promote confidence at address and assist with squaring the club face at impact.

These Hybrids feature the advanced fusion technology that makes them much more forgiving then past Callaway hybrids. Discount Golf Clubs for Sale They are built for distance, accuracy, and versatility. The fusion technology combines a stainless steel body with a metal injection molded sole. This helps to maximize the perimeter weighting for a higher moment of inertia.

VFT Technology generates high ball speeds across the face for hot distance and greater consistency. The offset hosel helps square the clubface at impact and sets up at address with a look that inspires total confidence.

The center of gravity is also optimized and moved lower to help the golfer get a higher trajectory shot that will fly further and land softer.

The Top Features:
Fusion Technology for higher trajectories and softer landings
Larger club head for a higher MOI and more forgiveness
VFT Technology for more ball speed and longer carry distances
Offset hosel to aid the average golfer with squaring the club face at impact
Available in a 21, 24, and 27 degree loft
Made with a Callaway Golf FT-iZ hybrid graphite shaft

Callaway FT-iZ Hybrid from

This offset hybrid is perfect for helping the average golfer to square up the club face with the ball. This feature will lead to better accuracy, ball compression and overall distance from nearly any lie. This hybrid provides golfers with all the distance, accuracy and versatility they could ever want from a hybrid.

These hybrids are not built the same as others and the lofts are a little weaker than a hybrid a golfer might look to use to replace a 5 wood or a 3 iron. However, for those golfers that struggle with the longer irons and would love to drop their 4 iron and 5 iron, these hybrids are a good choice.

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