Should you Take Divots with your Fairway Woods?

Ben asks Maria Palozola, one of the top LPGA golf instructors in the world, if you should take divots when hitting a fairway wood. Maria responds that she has seen many good players that take pretty sizable divots with fairway woods. Maria recommends trying to take at least a little divot to train yourself to hit down on the ball. However, Maria also mentions that you can still hit solid fairway woods by sweeping them but players that take good divots with irons are more likely to take do the same with a fairway wood and that if you tend to pick your irons you will most likely sweep the woods. If you don't take divots with your fairway woods, don't sweat it, however, you might want to try practicing taking divots and see if you improve your ball flight. Visit for golf tips, videos and tools to help improve your golf game. You can ask Maria your golfing questions at http