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Rob O’Brien – 2012 Showreel

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If Sightseeing, Fishing, Golf

If sightseeing, fishing, golf, cycling, walking or great food is your thing Mayo has something to offer every visitor and tourist alike. There is a fantastic rugged and equally long coastline and some amzing sea cliffs in the north of the county. While Croagh Patrick, The Quite Man, and the famous Film The Field are most famously associated with the Heather county. Mayo has lots of visitor centers, tourist attractions, caravan parks and with a little planning (and fine weather), you can have a very memorable stay that will remain with you forever.

The Foxford Woollen Mills (Foxford) where rugs, blankets & tweeds can be seen to be produced in the traditional way by craftspeople. The National Museum of Country Life (Castlebar) where audio and visual presentations, the visitor is swept back in time to the ways and life of people on the West Coast in the 1850s up to 1950s. From what kind of clothing they wore, what it was made out of and how they survived. Other centers include Michael Davitt Museum which tells the story of this man and his participation in Irelands all important era of the Land League. Achill Folklife Centre showing what is important about local life on the Island. To this day on St Patricks Day the Achill Pipe Band keep the tradition of walking from one side of the Island to the other. Starting out early morning and eventually arriving into The Sound.

For Walkers Croagh Pactrick is a tantilising Prospect although not to be taken lightly as the last part is the toughest. But what a view when you get there! It is both spiritually uplifting and personally rewarding to reach the top of Ireland’s famous mountain. It was made famous by Irelands Patron Saint, St Patrick. As a slave St Patrick came to Ireland and taught the people of Ireland Christianity. He is said to have lasted forty days and forty nights fasting on the mountain. Tochar Padraig is an ancient walk that follows that of St Patrick from Ballintubber Abbey to the Mountain.

The Tour de Humbert is a special sign posted cycling route. This route starts in north Mayo at Kilcummin in Killala Bay and follows the same route taken by the French army that landed in Mayo in 1798 to help with the Irish rebellion that year. It takes the cyclist on a very scenic route towards Ballina around Lough Conn and into Castlebar.

Killary Harbour is Irelands only Fjord and is part of the Mayo Galway border. There are cruises arranged for the 16 km stretch. This is a very beautiful part of the county. Drive back towards Westport and pass the picturesque Aasleagh Falls & Partry Mountains. There are plenty of Routes to take around Mayo to discover its uniqueness. Lough mask and Tourmakeady in the south of the county, Knock Shrine to the East to Ballina in the north and Achill Island on the furthermost west point of Ireland.

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Harrington Ready to Open the Throttle

If Open Championships were awarded for effort, Padraig Harrington would be a worthy winner every year. If there were any justice in this unpredictable, sporting circus, Harrington would have a handful of majors tucked under his belt. He does all the right things and has paid his dues. Maybe his time will come at Troon.

A Ryder Cup hero, a major contender and a champion in Europe and America, Harrington is also revered as a fine sport after taking in good heart his disqualification after the Benson and Hedges International Open at The Belfry, when he failed to sign what would have been a winning scorecard. That, however, was four years ago and it is probably time that some other feat became his personal, defining moment.

“I don’t think my defining moment has happened yet,” he said yesterday.

Harrington added: “I think the event that made most impact on me was winning a tournament just 10 weeks after joining the European Tour. I mean, I could not believe it, and I spent the next two years justifying to myself that I had.

“You see, someone like Phil Mickelson was destined to win big titles. You could tell from the moment he first swung a club that he would win majors, whereas I am at the other end of that scale. Nobody has ever thought that about me. Even two years ago, nobody would have thought that about me. I have even been questioned as to whether I am the most talented player in my family!

“I have come so far just to get where I am now – and I have only just started.” As ever, Harrington, 32, is well prepared. Fifth last time the Open was played here at Troon, he arrived at the course last week, missing the Scottish Open at Loch Lomond. He did the same at Royal St George’s last year, to no avail, but believes he will have a useful advantage over his fellow competitors should the wind whip up.

“The prevailing wind is usually down the right from the first tee, but I played last week when it was nearly downwind over the back nine,” he said. “Having experienced the course playing a different way should mean my mind is freer if the breeze changes later in the week.

“Also, it means I have practised my little bumps and runs, and my chipping on the course and I won’t be beating my way to the range to do all that now. This course is a fair test – we won’t be cribbing about the rough like Carnoustie, or the bad bounces like Royal St George’s. There are difficult lies, some exceptional hazards and I will be very happy to hit the fairway four days in a row when driving at the 11th, but I have got my head around the course and am looking forward to tackling it for real.” He was speaking yesterday at the behest of his sponsors, Wilson, who were launching their new image with the help of Harrington and a flashy motorcycle. For a chap who was renowned for slow play, it seemed a strange marriage, but once off and running he can talk the handlebars off a Harley, which is one of his charms.

The big question clearly (aside from whether he is a biker, which he isn’t) is whether he believes he can win here this week.

“I have good memories of Troon,” he said. “I was fifth in 1997 and that was the first time I was in contention for any of the majors. I chipped in for eagle at my 70th hole and with the full galleries that felt incredible.

“But the first time I thought that maybe I was good enough was at Muirfield in 2002. That was when I felt that over 72 holes maybe I was capable of winning and that felt like a real breakthrough.

“My game has developed since Troon in `97 to the extent that I think it is now best suited to the American majors, but my old style is still there – even if I have to dig deep to find it. And, honestly, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I could do it.

He added: “Having played in Ireland and practised here I am getting used to the wind. In fact, I’ll probably have it about right by this time next week!” All Rights Reserved. ()

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Get the Best Golf Courses Ireland Deals

Brief description

Golf courses Ireland, is basically the very famous and the most popular destination for people who want to enjoy the holidays and free time to the maximum so that they can then cherish these moments for their entire life. But to get hold of some of the good golf courses Ireland packages or deals, you will have to do your bookings very much in advance, because at the last moment you will ultimately land up spending more money. So it is always advisable to do the booking at least two to three months in advance in order to get the accommodations of your choice and also you will be able to save a good amount of money.

Some insight to golf courses Ireland

Golf courses Ireland is a famous place for playing golf.People of all the age groups can have the most wonderful time of their life. You can enjoy best during your holidays, if you have a good and a comfortable accommodation to stay and so if you book the accommodation online, you will crack some of the best offers and deals. All the details of the golf courses Ireland are available online, which actually makes your task easy but in case if you have some more queries which are not solved by the information online, then you can very conveniently call the representatives and they will help in solving all your queries in the best possible way. This place is crowded by people from the nearby places because ski is basically a very adventurous activity and hence it has been able to attract the attention of a huge crowd.

Internet has actually made life very simple for us. Whatever information you need especially when you are planning to go on a holiday, you will get the entire information in just few minutes. So if you are looking for information on golf courses Ireland, you can check the entire details about the various packages like winter, summer, smooth online. You will simply have to fill an online form which will have ask you to update your basic information like your arrival and departure dates, how many rooms do you need and some of your general information as in your name,e mail address and the other contact details.

All accommodations at the golf courses Ireland are just too good. They will actually exceed all your expectations when it comes to comfort and you will face no problems staying in these accommodations. The staff of all these accommodations are highly professional in their work and so they will ensure that with their services that all their clients are highly satisfied. Moreover all these accommodations are located at a sceneric place and so you will simply love it, all these accommodations are very reasonably priced.For making this trip adventurous, staff of the resort will leave no stone unturned to serve all their valuable customers. You can actually take some of the great pictures at these locations. The pictures of the golf courses Ireland will ultimately come out to be extremely wonderful.

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Some Gift Ideas For Golf Lovers

Approximately fifty million people all over the world play golf. Golf is a sport that values precision and accuracy over strength and speed. It is also a game that requires strategizing and thinking. Apparently, for a lot of people, playing golf is fun too. Golf was said to be a rich man’s sport mainly because of the high cost of membership fees and gear. A lot of working people play golf to de-stress and even close business deals. It is easy enough to know how to play it, but it is quite difficult to play it well. Now that Christmas is once again just around the corner, it might be a good idea to give golf relatedChristmas presents to those who truly love the sport.

You might think of buying a particular golf lover golf clubs. However, unless you really know that person, that is not such a good idea. Golf clubs have to be a perfect fit which is why most players choose to try it out before buying it. Hence, you will need to think about othergift ideas. How about providing an experience instead of something material? If he or she happens to be new to the sport, that person might really appreciate getting lessons from a pro. Those who already know how to play the game would appreciate passes to the most luxurious golf courses. That is, of course, if that person has not yet played in those golf courses.

Material things are not always so bad either. If a golf lover uses the establishment’s golf GPS system, you can always get him or her one. This gadget can really be useful for those who want to keep on improving their game. The basic systems do not even cost an arm and a leg. Golf related trinkets can be good stocking fillers too like cufflinks with a golf ball design or a small trophy which has the person’s name on it. That can even serve as an inspiration to play even better.Presents with a hint of humor can include a golf set for the bathroom. He or she can putt a few balls while sitting on the throne. Other miniature golf sets can also be set up at home or at the office. You can really find so many different gifts for golf lovers. Choose one that will suit the person’s taste and you will really see a smile on his or her face this Christmas.



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