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Ping Anser Forged Irons Worthy of Having a Try

The Ping Anser Forged Irons represents the very best of Ping’s commitment to design and technology, which does mark a break from Ping’s more normal tradition of producing cast irons. The traditional forged irons are one-piece construction while these new irons are two-piece construction which helps move face weight and increase MOI for higher forgiveness. The center of gravity is back moved for higher hitting trajectory. Compared with traditional forged irons, these Ping Anser Forged Irons have some advantages.

The forged, multi-metal design, of the Ping Anser Forged Irons combines an 8620 steel body, dense tungsten sole and machined grooves for unequaled forged-iron feel and forgiveness. Its hollow-sole cavity enhances the Anser’s soft feel and pushes the CG low and back for higher-launching iron shots. The forged steel body features a dense tungsten weight and a hollow sole. This combination is designed to provide added forgiveness, but with a forged feel.

The Ping Anser Forged heads also get progressively smaller through to the short irons, to offer more control in the scoring clubs. Ping has noted that the Anser Forged Iron uses progressive offset going from more to less as the irons get shorter. This creates more ease of use in the long irons, allowing the player to square the club face easier. The offset shrinks as the irons get shorter to focus on control and touch.

Stabilisation bars in the back of the Ping Anser Forged long irons help lower the centre of gravity and launch the ball on a higher flight. These bars get increasingly vertical and thicker to help produce a more penetrating flight with high spin.

The four cavities are the toe cavity, heel cavity, CTP (custom tuning port) cavity and the hallow-sole cavity. Cheap golf club sets dual cavities milled into the back of Ping Anser Forged iron offer forgiveness and exceptional playability while the tungsten insert in the sole offers excellent ball flight and an incredibly stable and soft feeling hitting experience. The minimal offset and thin top line will please better players but the all round playability make the Ping Anser Forged a club to be cherished by all golfers.

Ping Anser Forged Irons Main Features:

1. Looks: The looks of the new 2011 irons are striking. The size of the heads is on the larger side, the face is milled flat, the grooves are cut, and the four cavities are milled into the back of the iron.

2. Performance/playability: Features are a bunch of very technical advanced engineering design enhancements. Removing metal post forging via CNC machining allowed Ping to add more moment of inertia(MOI) in 2 directions. They added a dual cavity and covered the lower on with a high tech tungsten nickel sole.

3. Feel: Same setup and there were mild differences in trajectory. The feel was different between the two.

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