Tiger Woods: How To Fix Tiger’s Swing

Click Here For More Golf Tips: ignitiongolf.com Tiger Woods How to Fix Tigers Swing As you know, Tiger woods has had some ongoing problems for the past few of years with his game. He is just not the same player as in the early 2000's. I looked at Tiger Woods' golf swing and have my opinion of what he is doing and what he needs to do to fix your golf swing. You may have heard others express their views. Mine are different. Tiger has always been looking for the perfect golf swing. Although, this had lead him astray from being where he should be with his swing. Tiger Woods' swing now is a lot different from when he was growing up and playing his best. His set up and shoulder positions are a lot different then years ago. So the first place I would start is getting his set up a lot taller. Then I would try to get his backsing up a lot taller. If you look at Tiger Woods swing sequence you can see that he is bending over from the waist more then years ago. Making these changes would allow him to be more upright in his backswing and then be able to hit his fade as he used to when he was winning tournaments by 10+ shots every time. It would not be a quick fix but this would allow him to be dominant once again. I picked out the 2 main flaws and showed in this videos also how to fix them. We would all love to see Tiger Woods back on top of the winners circle. It would make golf exciting again. At the moment it is visible that he is struggling with his swing. Nobody wants to see him <b>…</b>