Why Playing Golf Is Good: Health Benefits of a Lazy Man’s Sport

Unlike others sports that are more popular or get more attention like basketball, baseball and football just to name a few, the game of golf is often tagged as a sport for the lazy people since it involves very minimal running and other high impact movements that other sports demand of. And in this time and age where diseases of various kinds just spring up like mushrooms left and right, getting into sports is essential if one wants to remain healthy and boost not only his immune system but his overall well being as well. So of all the different kinds of sports that one can get into, why should one go for golf? Does it offer a lot of health benefits or is it just a luxury for the rich? Let us delve into the benefits of the game and see if it is really worth playing.

One of the first exercises that one can undergo when playing golf is walking. As simple as it may sound, walking gives a lot of benefits to the body as it promotes blood flow, blood circulations and strengthens the heart in the process. But of course, you will only be able to maximize walking by ditching the golf cart and walking around the course with your golf bag hanging around your shoulder. A 3 to 5-mile walk is in the offing for an 18-hole game and given the topography of the golf courses you will be playing on, you will also encounter further challenges which will strengthen your body and build your endurance and resistance in the long run.

Now if you are having doubts as to whether playing golf will be able to burn those calories and fats away, then let it be known that scientific studies have shown and proven that a round of golf will give you virtually the same effects and benefits if you joined a fitness class that will last for about 45 minutes to an hour. You can easily burn around 300 to 600 calories just be walking around the course while carrying all your clubs.

And if you want to build your muscles, your golf clubs may just be the perfect tools that will help you do so, especially with your arms and shoulders. The swinging motion of the clubs, the proper way that is, will help benefit your muscles and dexterity and at the same time build strength as each swing goes by.

And if you are still not yet convinced of the benefits of playing golf, it is important that you should know that the pros of playing the sport goes well beyond the physical aspect as it also provides good returns for the mind as well. By being able to play in a relaxing environment amidst the lush trees and vast sceneries, you will be able to rest your mind and recharge it while freeing it from all the cares and worries of everyday life.